• Easy to process: Multichannel platform, one merchant account
  • Easy to use: Supports all major credit cards and latest payment technologies
  • Easy to manage: Provides accurate reporting for easier monitoring of business performance

' MAPS delivers optimum benefits at the lowest costs '

MAPS will complete an expert comprehensive assessment of your current payment processing infrastructure to determine optimization and savings opportunities.

Our Merchant Assessment for Payments (MAP) will provide the solution with:

    •  Fully loaded costs & interchange qualification options
    •  Operational Improvements including Chargeback Management

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- Strategic Merchant Processing

- International Merchant Processing

We work with our partner banks to support the most comprehensive list of payment methods and currencies available throughout the world.

  • With help for your currency conversions, we guide you through the process to help get your international merchant account approved and processing in weeks, not months.

Offering local credit and debit options increases your reach to millions of consumers who will otherwise transact their business elsewhere.

- Fraud Prevention and Identity Verification

Card fraud costs the consumers billions of dollars every year.

MAPS partners with fraud detection services that maximize safe transactions while minimizing clients' exposure to fraud. We guide you to professional expertise and customized technology to eliminate fraud, increase the number of transactions safely accepted, and reduce your internal costs.

Card-not-present (CNP) transactions via mail order, telephone order or on-line present greater fraud risks, as e-commerce retailers are having difficulty in checking cardholder legitimacy.

Our partners incorporate all industry-led authentication measures for improved online security. 

              provides assistance to choose best Currency and Hedging Options

                 - Guides you to the best Payment Gateway and Software Services

- Mobile Commerce

Managing payments are easier when you get to manage them your way!


Fully featured Mobile Interface lets you process payments and customize  reporting data to manage your cash flow the way you want to.


Advanced business analytics results in more accurate reporting for easier monitoring of business performance.


Reconciliation is simpler because you can access reporting from any web-enabled device that you would like to use or download all of it and load it into any mainstream accounting program you like.


MAPS  provides merchants with guidance to the best processing solutions based on an indepth analysis of your current payments infrastructure.   

MAPS focuses on high risk markets, with extensive and unique solutions for our clientelle.

There are literally hundreds of payment processors that you can choose from but only a small number would perfectly suit all of your needs.   We eliminate the guesswork and identify the best solutions based on what's important to your business.  

Our Partners provide world class solutions and strategies for supporting the following: 

  • Multi-Channel (Mobile, Internet, Phone, Retail) Payment Processing on one platform.
  • International Payment Processing   -   PCI Compliance   -   Interchange Qualification  
  • Alt Payments (PayPal & Apple Pay etc.)   -   Fraud Prevention and Risk Management  
  • Payment Gateway   -    Electronic Reporting   -   Chargeback Management & Elimination 

  • Our partners are able to translate 150 international currencies into US dollars, handling any and all your requirements!

MAPS provides solutions that are:

The Internet is a 24 hour, 365 day/year global marketplace with increasing opportunities and challenges that emerge daily. An online enterprise can conduct business with anyone, anywhere in the world, and optimizing those opportunities means the difference between being lost in a saturated market and being the first to open a new region for your product or service.